Wilderness Assumptions #3: You Need Disciples

To engage today’s wilderness context with the good news requires the formation of a disciple community – the faithful body of Jesus Christ – in both proclamation and practice. Implications  for the church’s learning: What would be involved in forming […]

Wilderness Assumptions #2: Context Matters

The church is called to bring the good news of the kingdom into engagement with the deep yearnings and concrete challenges of its worldly context. Implications for the church’s learning: How can we begin to discover the contours of the […]

Wilderness Assumption #1: It Starts with God’s Mission

The transformation of the church’s mission is to be found in God’s mission. God who is always doing “a new thing” (Isaiah 43:19) calls the church to discern, celebrate, and participate in God’s mission afresh.  The way through the Wilderness […]

Slow Down

When I think of wilderness, I imagine a forest. I think of branches, filtered light, and a strong possibility of a sprained ankle. If I imagine the church to be in a wilderness time now, I have to apply the […]

Version 3.0

Using that philosophy, this version 3.0 is a chance to remind one another why we do what we do. We are not changing without guidance or purpose. God continues to guide us in this time. And we do not need to reach back to grasp at what had once worked before. We can instead be attentive to what the Spirit is doing right now.