Online is real life, too

One of my most recommended books over the past year is Because Internet: Understanding the New Rules of Language by Gretchen McCulloch. It’s a wonderful non-fiction read that gives the tech literate and luddites alike information about how the other […]

Why Prepare for Renewal?

I remember when I was first learning about strategic planning they said, “it starts with a plan for planning.” That made me laugh and sounded like a waste of time. Boy was I wrong. Now as we consider support the […]

Why Bible study, and especially why now?

All churches are in transition, and we didn’t choose it. All are seeking a way to navigate through the wilderness brought on by the Pandemic. Look to engage in Bible Study, especially now. The purpose of studying the Bible together […]

Time to say no

I’ve recently been drawn to the opening story from the book of Esther. Before Esther is the hero of the story, we get to hear what the original queen, Vashti, was up to. Vashti is perhaps undercelebrated, perhaps because we […]

Fast Food Faith

I was talking to a friend recently who was feeling overwhelmed. “And this isn’t even supposed to be the hard part of the pandemic!” she said. I jumped right in, emphatically disagreeing. “To me, this is the hardest part of […]