Ten Reasons Why a Church Might Not be Ready for Renewal

When confronted with challenges most church leaders and members expect a quick fix.  Getting ready to cultivate the missional church will need to challenge this expectation. Shaped by vendor expectations of the church most leaders and members look for church […]

What is Readiness?

As the church takes seriously that we are living in a worldwide pandemic – an Exodus of change for our churches, what will we do now?  For some of us it feels like bondage: being stuck at the banks of […]

Online is real life, too

One of my most recommended books over the past year is Because Internet: Understanding the New Rules of Language by Gretchen McCulloch. It’s a wonderful non-fiction read that gives the tech literate and luddites alike information about how the other […]

Why Prepare for Renewal?

I remember when I was first learning about strategic planning they said, “it starts with a plan for planning.” That made me laugh and sounded like a waste of time. Boy was I wrong. Now as we consider support the […]

Why Bible study, and especially why now?

All churches are in transition, and we didn’t choose it. All are seeking a way to navigate through the wilderness brought on by the Pandemic. Look to engage in Bible Study, especially now. The purpose of studying the Bible together […]