Now What?

Our churches are living today in a new era. In one way or another church communities have already left Egypt, recognizing we are living in a time in between times. Rather than bemoan the awful state of things, churches have a challenging and exciting opportunity before them. This time in history presents a pivotal moment in the life of the church.

You’re Not Alone

For many the hardest part of finding a way through the wilderness is being so vulnerable and cut off. How do we stay connected?  What supports the essential need to belong?  Belonging is to know even in the midst of […]

God’s Mission Needs a Church!

The need and the desire to begin a conversation about the future for our churches is almost universal right now.  As church communities, we have foundational challenges and opportunities to find our way through the wilderness of this pandemic.   […]

Travel Companions

Our time through the pandemic wilderness robbed us from many of our collaborative patterns. Pre-pandemic Sundays for my congregation were a whirlwind of folks greeting and ushering, putting out snacks, watching the kids, leading music, and more. The pandemic threw […]

Wilderness Assumption #5: You Have Abundant Gifts

The church – leaders and members together – are given talents and gifts by the Spirit. Out of abundance and generosity God is giving gifts for creating, restoring and renewing life – abundant life – and for the work of […]

Wilderness Assumptions #4: Becoming New

In many churches this requires a radically new vision, new ways of thinking, and new patterns of behavior.  Implications for the church’s learning: How can we help one another to see more clearly – with the eyes of faith – […]