Now What?

Our churches are living today in a new era. In one way or another church communities have already left Egypt, recognizing we are living in a time in between times. Rather than bemoan the awful state of things, churches have a challenging and exciting opportunity before them. This time in history presents a pivotal moment in the life of the church.

The Facilitator

The leader who wishes to help a church leadership team become highly effective and productive needs to steer between two common leadership errors: (1) taking over the work of another person or team, and (2) abandoning a person or team […]

The Team Building Leader

Team building may be described as behavior that encourages members to develop close, cooperative working relationships with one another.  As has been stated in the discussion of the leader’s supportiveness, the way the leader relates to individuals in the group […]

The High Quality Leader

An important factor in church leadership is emphasizing high quality in performance of church-related work. This leadership orientation is the sum total of those attitudes and behaviors of a pastor or other church leader that communicates that leader’s high expectations […]

The Receptive Leader

The focus of this essay is upon the openness and receptivity of the person who serves as the leader or chairperson of a church group: board, council, work area, session, etc.  The research being done by the Center on leadership […]

The Supportive Leader

Applying Rensis Likert’s research, the Center for Parish Development has identified a church’s organizational climate is shaped by the way leaders exercises the leadership role.  This research bears out the premise that when a church’s climate is basically a collabora­tive, […]