Now What?

Our churches are living today in a new era. In one way or another church communities have already left Egypt, recognizing we are living in a time in between times. Rather than bemoan the awful state of things, churches have a challenging and exciting opportunity before them. This time in history presents a pivotal moment in the life of the church.

The Supportive Leader

Applying Rensis Likert’s research, the Center for Parish Development has identified a church’s organizational climate is shaped by the way leaders exercises the leadership role.  This research bears out the premise that when a church’s climate is basically a collabora­tive, […]

The Importance of Teams in the Life of the Church

Cultivating Really Great Teams for your Church can make all the difference. Church teams are a critical component of fruitful ministry and mission. Most of the plans for the life and work of the church are developed by groups or […]

The Witness of the Church’s Organizational Life

Usually when seeking to build Christian community the focus falls upon the development of various kinds of “fellowship” or small groups.  Often overlooked are the many small groups that already exist, namely the administrative or leadership groups, teams or committees […]

Survival Driven vs. Vision Led

Research about change says the greater the pain or dissatisfaction with the present the greater the motivation for change and the lower the resistance. Church leaders experiencing a gap between the way things are now in the life of the […]