Keynote Presenters

for the Missional Church Convocation 2018:

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Kirsteen Kim

We are excited to welcome Kirsteen Kim to this convocation, bringing global mission perspectives into theological conversation with local congregation renewal!  Coming from her native UK, Kirsteen joined the faculty of Fuller Seminary in 2017. Kirsteen has taught in India as a missionary from the Presbyterian Church of Korea and has worked in college and university settings in the UK.  She is eager to engage with local church leaders discerning the cultural context for mission in North America.  Kirsteen is author of The Holy Spirit in the World: A Global Conversation (Orbis, 2007) and Joining in with the Spirit: Connecting World Church and Local Mission (SCM Press 2012) along with a wide range of other writings and publications. Learn more about Kirsteen.

Roger Schroeder, SVD

It is a pleasure to welcome Roger Schroeder, SVD, to this convocation! Rogerhas been committed for years to research, teaching, writing, mentoring, and practice in the area of mission and intercultural ministry, most recently under the inspiration of Pope Francis.  He has been collaborating widely to develop resources that foster true intercultural relationships, pointing to practices widely needed in North American churches.Roger teaches at Catholic Theological Union, is active in many missional networks and was a collaborator with Steven Bevans on important works including Constants in Context and Prophetic Dialogue. He is currently publishing a second edition of his book, What is the Mission of the Church Learn more about Roger

Roger Schroeder and Kirsteen Kim bring a depth of theological perspective and practice to the support of missional churches today.

Location: Techny Towers Conference & Retreat Center, Techny, IL

7/26/18 THURSDAY KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Roger’s keynote presentation on Thursday will invite us afresh into the grounding of all missional endeavors – “the church doesn’t have a mission, but the mission of God has a church.”

“By amazing grace, the church shares in God’s mission. God’s first act of mission has called the world into being and into wholeness. This work is conferred upon Jesus “in the fullness of time” and entrusted to us by the risen Lord and empowered by the Spirit. The church doesn’t have a mission, but the mission of God has a church. How will the church seek and respond to God’s calling NOW?” – Roger Schroeder

7/27/18 FRIDAY MORNING: On Friday morning Kirsteen builds on this opening theme to ask the important questions, “for what” and “with whom” in the second keynote presentation, “In and For the World.”

“Discerning what God is up to NOW, the church participates in God’s activity in contemporary contexts. Joining in with the Spirit means serving our neighbors in our own place, and also globally. How will God’s world mission take root and grow more fruitful through congregations in their local ministry setting?” – Kirsteen Kim

7/27/18 FRIDAY: Following this, both Roger and Kirsteen will take the stage to explore how participating in God’s mission, local faith communities move beyond the abstract to become dynamic communities called and sent, being formed in practices that witness to God’s reconciling work in the world.

7/28/18 SATURDAY: On Saturday morning Roger and Kirsteen will join with local and judicatory leaders in a panel that teases out implications for church leaders in their settings back home.

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