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center_linkThe intent of the Center Link is to provide content that will be valuable to regional leaders and the congregations you support. We invite you to subscribe to the bi-monthly Center Link. You will receive –

  • Valuable support for congregations seeking renewal
  • Features unique to regional leaders concerned for renewal and supporting collaborative ministry in and among churches
  • Access to The Center Blog, relevant content for questioning and thinking church leaders
  • An introduction to new resources and learning opportunities provided by the Center
  • An interactive feature to ask questions, share wisdom and contribute to mutual learning – a Center community.
  • Inspiring and informative stories of churches on the renewal journey

In 2018 the Center will celebrate 50 years in service of the church. With you we seek the Spirit’s gifts and guidance in continuing to support church life. Our mission can only be accomplished in partnership with those we seek to serve. Let us join you in discovering how churches can learn to discern and participate in God’s mission more faithfully and effectively, and providing counsel and resources to facilitate that transformation.

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