On your Mark! Get Set! God is ready when we are.

start_lineA workshop you can host, or one you can lead

Workshop goals:

  • To recapture vision and hope for strengthening congregational life and mission.
  • To engage with helpful practices and resources for renewal
  • Learn how to create awareness, readiness and support among church leaders
  • Enable those churches with desire and urgency to begin renewal now.

Workshop design:

On your Mark. Get Set. God is Ready when We Are can be tailored and adapted to the time frame and need of your setting and those who will participate.

Elements of a sample workshop agenda:

  • The spiritual practice of Gratitude and Thanksgiving – a foundation for renewal.
  • A reflection and analysis process – naming where there is energy and urgency for renewal. Sharing and learning by all participating church leaders.
  • Illustrating the what, why and how of accessing support for renewal.

Clarifying helpful next steps for all participating – from addressing questions, to piloting or accessing support.

This workshop can be focused to include:

  • A group of pastoral leaders considering renewal – to expand imagination and hope for what renewal can be and how it can happen. God is doing something new, we want to be part of it!
  • A church development team in your regional structure. A cluster group of churches, a leadership training event,or a whole judicatory assembly.

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