Practices of a Learning Community

learning_swTaking part in God’s mission involves developing awareness and openness, 
practices of listening and learning about what God is doing in the world around you.

Learning from your “context” for ministry invites your congregation to see God present and active in the wonderful and challenging worlds you live in. It can include —

  • Learning from heritage and history – the commitments and values that have defined us as a church, including biblical and theological sources that shape our faith and purpose together.
  • Learning from local and cultural context – the varied contours of your ‘place’ or ‘parish,’ neighborhoods and community, along with forces and factors of the cultural context.
  • Learning how your church organization works – how your church currently organizes and functions to support its ministry and mission.
  • Learning about our participation patterns – not only the make-up of your church, but more importantly the “habits of the heart” that shape participation patterns that have implications for ministry and mission.

The Center offers support for these topics and congregational processes:

  • How to identify our church’s most deeply held values
  • How to make friends with and learn from our own history
  • How to engage our “place” – neighborhood context, our neighbors and community
  • How to better understand cultural shifts and patterns that are calling the shots
  • How does the Bible speak to where the church is today?
  • What’s stopping us! Overcoming organizational impasse and stuck-ness
  • How to sort through and learn from demographic or survey data
  • How to name and claim key strengths and challenges facing us

Find out how a Center coach can support your church learning about and embracing realities outside and in:

  • For congregations, clusters of congregations…
  • The nature, scope, and level…

What question do you have…

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