Practices of a Discerning Community

What if the church exists because of God’s initiative, not ours? …and the mission of the church is to discern and to participate in God’s mission in the world?

Then — the goal is to discern together God’s dream for the church’s life and ministry, not only the vision of key leaders or even the community as a whole.

And — we will want to discover and learn practices that enable us to listen to the Spirit, to one another, and to our world.

discern_swDiscerning God’s call for your congregation may involve —
  • visualizing what it means to be a people of God’s own heart for the sake of the world God loves
  • practices of praying and studying, listening, imagining, and planning together
  • Sifting and evaluating among the many demands and desires that are influencing you
  • discovering what is God’s will for your church with your unique gifts, challenges, and opportunities
  • stimulating Christian hope and faithful imagination throughout your congregation
  • experiencing Christian community, seeking the mind of Christ together (Philippians 2:5)

The Center offers support for these topics and congregational processes:
  • How and why vision is so important
  • How to Identify and embrace not just our vision but God’s vision
  • Scripture study – how it can inform our visioning
  • How to design and lead a season of vision discernment
  • How to create meaningful personal interaction around a new vision
  • How to build ownership and commitment to a shared vision
  • For Leaders – working with your vision for moving into action

Find out how a Center coach can support…

  • Support can be for congregations, clusters of congregations, the governing councils, pastoral leaders, or coaches.
  • The nature, scope, and level of support is responsive to your church’s strengths and needs.

What question do you have about discerning together God’s calling for your church?
What experience or testimony would you like to share?


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