Why a stewarding community?

steward_logoThis module, with key foundational resources, sets the stage for holistic stewardship cultivation in your church. You will–

  1. Discover basic biblical and practical understandings for framing the stewardship conversation in your church.
  2. Assess current practices of stewardship cultivation in your church.
  3. Name the stewardship challenge/opportunity facing your church as specific agendas to be addressed.
  4. Identify a range of internal and external resources and supports for becoming a stewarding community in your church.

This module includes –

  • A set of helpful resources:
    • “From Servants to Members of the Household” begins the conversation among leaders, and reframes stewardship from once-a-year program of raising money to a personal and congregational re-discovery of Christian identity and practice.
    • “Living in the Household” supports leaders’ formation in biblical understandings of stewardship,a vision of abundance and generosity in a cultural context that assumes scarcity. Stewardship involves renewed minds, changed attitudes, and altered lives.
    • Two stewardship analysis and assessment tools.
    • Process instructions for interpreting and acting on results of the assessment.
    • Process instructions for clarifying specific next steps of focused stewardship cultivation.
  • A coaching relationship that supports your church leaders in naming the stewardship challenge/opportunity in your church and preparing you to act on it.

These additional modules (Coming Soon) represent the range of support available for your church –

Financial stewardship cultivation

Reversing a negative financial trend

Conducting a 10-year financial trend analysis

Developing a 1, 2, and 3 year stewardship cultivation plan

Congregational formation processes

Stewards of the Household of God

Stewards of God’s gifts