Transforming the Judicatory

Vision and planning toward a missional community of communities

transform_judFor practical purposes all mid-council/judicatory bodies are caught up in the major transitions required to respond to changed and changing circumstances in the North American context.

The goal is to become clearer about identity and calling and to discover more fruitful and faithful ways to live it out in the contemporary context.

What Transforming the Judicatory involves:

The mid-council/judicatory and all its congregations and units are supported to discern God’s vision and more faithfully to engage the missionary context in which they exist.
You can expect to —

  • Discover the contours of your mission territory – the shared context of your congregations.
  • Discern as a mid-council/judicatory community GodÂ’s vision of what you are called to be and do.
  • Clarify priorities, structure and resources to carry out your discerned mission.
  • Cultivate Christian practices that form and build up congregations and leaders in community with one another.
  • Strengthen relationships, sharing gifts and testimony across boundaries of a diverse church family.

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