An Interim Journey

Mission renewal during a pastoral transition
Mission renewal during a pastoral transition

Deciding our church’s leadership needs is our response to God’s calling to take part in God’s mission.

What is it?

An Interim Journey is a set of dynamic resources with coaching support for discerning a shared sense of God’s call as a congregation prepares for new pastoral leadership.

What does it do?

Provides practical supports, resources, and coaching for these objectives:

  1. Affirming our heritage (embracing the gifts God gives to our community of faith through our history and present ministry)
  2. Clarifying our congregation identity (naming and claiming what our church is called by God to be and do)
  3. Strengthening the leadership team (practices of prayer, analysis, and priority-setting)
  4. Preparing for our next pastor (clarifying the challenges and opportunities that lie before us and that with new leadership we will need to address.)


– What is included?
– Coaching support provided
– Benefits you can expect

Overview of An Interim Journey

Narrative of An Interim Journey

Interim ministers with all range of experience levels may benefit greatly with access to An Interim Journey resources and training. Interim ministers: inquire about individual or group training, support, and access to resources to support your ministry.


Cost Ranges for An Interim Journey Resources and Coaching:

Churches with the following average worship attendance:
-Under 75 — $750
-Between 76–150 —$1,500
-Over 150 — $2,500

To begin, set up a consultation with a Center coach to support your use of these resources.

Ray Schulte (630-272-9336) or


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