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The Center’s mission since 1968:

Helping churches discern and participate in God’s mission more faithfully and fruitfully

Joining in God’s mission is the invitation and opportunity that faces every church every day.   Discerning that calling is unique to each setting.  Living out this calling is the fruit of the Spirit’s transforming work amid the community of faith.

Helping churches discern and respond to the Spirit’s leading is the HEART OF OUR CALLING at the Center for Parish Development now for 50 years!  We are passionate about sharing transformational practices – the fruit of our work.

The Center provides an extensive array of support: resources, coaching, training, equipping church systems and their leaders.  But at the heart of all we do is discerning God’s call – What is God calling the church to be and do NOW as we continue to journey through times of momentous change?

Here are some 2018 highlights:

  • Rachel McDonald has joined our staff this year. With her help our web-based ministry provides clear and helpful online content, with responsive distance coaching support – making Center support more accessible and affordable.
  • The Center’s coaching development program builds on early successes! Church leaders are being trained, mentored, and licensed for using Center resources and processes. These coaches expand the Center’s reach and help build capacities within client regions.
  • We continue a commitment to research supporting missional transformation. Kirsteen Kim of Fuller Seminary and Dr. Roger Schroeder of Catholic Theological Union partnered with us in a 50th Anniversary Convocation in July in the Chicago area. These were powerful days of celebrating the Center’s 50 year legacy, with an eye to the future.
  • The Center’s consulting work is foundational. We are responding to specific contexts with a depth of experience, personal passion and pastoral sensitivities, distinguishing this staple of the Center’s historic and continuing work.

Our hopes for 2019 and beyond:

The future of the Center will see ongoing innovation for the sake of the church’s greater faithfulness and fruitfulness.  2019 will invite new levels of collaboration and partnership, marking our commitment to the future.  We look to continue to expand access to the experience, wisdom, resources and learning of the Center’s 50 years.

It is the help from generous donors that makes this all possible.

We ask for your Support.

This we know…

The Center is an essential resource for churches.  Its ministry flows from the conviction that God is forming and renewing a people to take part in God’s mission of reconciliation and hope for all the creation.

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