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November 20, 2017

In 2017 the Center for Parish Development featured a NEW LEVEL OF SUPPORT for missional renewal:  Equipping, licensing, and supporting coaches to utilize Center resources in their work with congregations. This new strategy expands the Center’s reach while building a community of trained coaches with access to the Center’s research and experience.We are excited and grateful to report that with your support in this past year we have launched this NEW venture.  Twelve leaders from five different denominations and five states participated in the training.

This new initiative will be more fully introduced in 2018, our 50th Anniversary year.  Training and licensing coaches to make available Center resources in their local settings has powerful potential for expanding the impact of the Center’s ministry as we look to the future together.  It is a distinct compliment alongside the Center’s teaching and consulting ministry.

As we prepare to commemorate 50 years in service of the church, join us in giving thanks by supporting the work of this ministry. With your help, the Center’s support for church renewal is inspiring hopes and is giving back to churches the capacity for dreaming what the power of God’s promises can do.

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Help us continue to expand the Center’s capacity to support more leaders, regional church bodies and congregations seeking to engage in missional transformation and renewal.  Two unique and time-critical ways your support will be effective in 2018 include:

  • Expanding Center staff to support creating online digital resources and identifying and equipping a growing community of coaches who will use them.
  • Developing the research and the communication tools that will help assure increasing access to these resources and the expanding reach of this ministry.
In addition,we invite you to join in learning, celebrating and contributing to a rich conversation in the Anniversary Year ahead.

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