Foretaste: Leadership for the Missional Church

We have too often missed the point that it is the community of faith, the church, that is called to be a sign, instrument, and in particular a foretaste of the reign of God. So what would an appetizer of God’s coming reign look like anyway? The focus of this book is not only on what a church does but how it goes about doing what it does. The common life and shared ministry of the church are a powerful witness to God’s loving and reconciling activity. A world wracked with fear, incivility, win-lose competition, and anger calls for churches that manifest the fruit of the Holy Spirit. This book dives into the key leadership behaviors that cultivate transformed and transforming faith communities–skills that every church leader and leadership team need to know, learn, and practice.

We are proud to share in the launch of this book written by Paul Dietterich, Executive Director Emeritus of the Center for Parish Development. This book contains both the experience of the 50+ years of ministry of the Center as well as updated insights relevant for today.

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