Transforming Leadership

Leadership competencies and capacities are necessary for cultivating church teams as communities discerning and participating in God’s mission. These resources help release the insights, talents, gifts, and energies of leaders and members. Church teams are supported for living out their part faithfully and effectively in the greater mission.

From Competition to Collaborative Community

Key to leadership for the church is fostering a collaborative atmosphere in which trust and mutuality exist.  Such a climate is a prerequisite for creative ministry and transformative change.  Transforming leaders model the church’s deepest vision of its calling and cultivate a common life that embodies the gospel.

A Training and Coaching Module for transforming leadership

On-line training with coaching support will introduce you to transforming leadership practices. You will get practical tools for strengthening your leadership:

  • Be introduced to a leadership system that promotes an open and collaborative climate throughout your church community.
  • Engage in a self assessment of your leadership behavior.
  • Identify growth areas and supports for taking action.


– what you get
– training and coaching design

Download this resource now. We invite you to share and discuss with your leadership team, and share your thoughts and questions with us. 

Transforming Leadership: From Competition to Koinonia.

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