Joining God in the Neighborhood

 When two disciples asked him, “where are you staying?” “Come,” Jesus replied, “and you will see.” John 1:38-39 (NIV)

What is it?

A time of listening and learning for your church becoming attentive to what God is doing in the world around you, and figuring out how you can join in.

What will we learn?

Joining God in the Neighborhood will help your church:

  • Follow Jesus into the world.
  • Listen and learn with your neighbors in the wider community.
  • Move beyond assumptions to real stories, real faces and shared learning.
  • Develop a common view about things you are seeing and learning.
  • Act on what you are learning.
  • Partner with neighbors and God by focusing on the real ministry opportunities.

What is involved? 

Listening, learning together, and embracing ministry priorities for the sake of the world God loves:

Get Ready: Learn about the process and design how you will engage your congregation.

Design and Engage: Choose from a range of learning and engaging activities for your congregation to experience, and then implement them.

Put into Practice: Begin to set priorities and take actions in light of what you are learning together.

Where do I start?

Read more about Discovery Practices describing the activities that make up this powerful learning experience.

Information for purchasing

Joining God in the Neighborhood — $400.

ckAll materials explaining the what, why and how of this process and all of its options are included.

ckSupport of a Center coach for choosing options and tailoring the design of Joining God in the Neighborhood for your church.

To chat with someone now, call direct:
 Ray (630-272-9336)
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