A set of dynamic resources for discerning a shared sense of God’s purpose and direction for a congregation.

Has your church been sensing the changing dynamics of their locale – both inside and beyond their walls? Are they wondering “What’s happening?”

Hope-full leaders bring this sensitivity and curiosity, and more. They are sensing that the Spirit is at work in these circumstances. They are curious and wondering, “What’s God up to?”

Connecting the dots between current realities and the movement of God’s Spirit is an essential practice for a changing church in a changing world. And seldom are the connections immediately clear. Our resource Discerning God’s Call helps make these connections. We help congregations search hearts and Scripture, asking and answering, “What is God calling our church to be and do NOW?”

But how do we do that?

Once the inquiry begins, answers come from everywhere – bringing a mixture of hope and confusion. Here’s where the Center’s staff can help. We will help you draw out and draw together the hopes and concerns present in the hearts of the congregation. We help you design pathways for learning and discerning. Together we bring results that open hearts and imaginations afresh, building community, revealing vision, renewing hope. You will realize fruits that restore your congregation’s capacity for dreaming God’s dream for your church and following God’s calling into the future.

Discerning God’s Call is a set of step by step downloads – and more. It includes extensive coaching support with Ray, Dale or other Center trained coaches you will get to know personally. At each phase you are helped to tailor and implement a season of renewal to set you on a positive path into the future.

What is included in this module and its benefits…

Already engaged in a church visioning process?

Consider the Bible study process “A People of Salt and Light”  – a set of practical resources for deepening your congregation’s vision of God’s calling. Get started now to renew hearts, minds and imaginations in your congregation.

Ready to begin?

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