Hearers and Doers

Missional life grows as faith communities discover and renew the language, habits, and practices of Christian faith for discerning and participating in God's mission. This dynamic is at the heart of "Becoming Faithful Hearers and Doers of Scripture", a life-giving practice for congregations transforming toward God's mission.

“The Bible is a living voice through which the Holy Spirit calls the church to discern God’s mission and sends it to participate in God’s mission.”

Inagrace Dietterich,
Center for Parish Development

Hearers and Doers is–

a set of practical tools for a team, group or congregation to strengthen the communal practice of hearing God’s word for taking part in God’s mission. While a specific Bible study is included with this resource, the rich benefit you receive is the communal methodology that can be used with and enhance almost any Bible study you are using.

why_thisThese tools for biblical formation guide you in –
  • Enriching your experience of Bible study – transforming your perceptions of its role in your life together
  • “Reading and doing Scripture” – finding your place afresh in God’s mission
  • Identifying implications and next steps – to cultivate the life changing practice of Bible study
This is what you’ll get:
  • A group Bible study process “The Journey of the People Called”.
  • Facilitation guides and practical ideas for enhancing group learning.
  • New perspectives, norms and supports for renewing the practice of Scripture study.
  • Fresh experience and appreciation of your Christian community!
Here is how it works:

print2Hearers and Doers is adaptable to your setting:

  1. Download materials to introduce with your group or team.
  2. Decide the format you will use.
  3. Pray and share faith together in the Bible study “The Journey of the People Called.”
  4. Capture insights, learning and implications for yourself, your team, and your church
  5. Act on them to grow in this important spiritual practice!

Included is access to a Center coach to respond to your questions and to help you springboard from your experience into supporting the Biblical formation of a congregation.

To chat with someone now, call direct: Ray (630-272-9336)or email: ray@missionalchurch.org

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When you purchase, you will get access to these pdf downloads:

  • “The Journey of the People Called” Bible study
  • Formation process Facilitation Guide
Cost: $75 per church


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