Developing Coaches

What is it?

Our coaching program trains, licenses, and supports individuals in coaching congregations with tried and tested resources for missional renewal.  

Who is this for?

Individual church leaders who seek to expand their ministry skills and capacities as a coach supporting missional renewal.

Regional church bodies who seek to build capacity for supporting missional renewal. Those interested in training leaders to support churches in their regional structure.

How does it work?

Coaches take part in up to three levels of training seminars.  

1) The first is Foundational Training to equip leaders with theory and practice in missional renewal. Participants are introduced to theological and organization foundations — readings, practical guides, and resources — that equip coaches to cultivate awareness, motivation and commitment for successfully engaging in a time of missional renewal. 

2) Intermediate training prepares coaches for guiding congregations in using  its three most requested learning modules: Discerning God’s Call, Joining God in the Neighborhood, and Turning Vision into Action

3) Advanced training supports coaches interested in expanding their capacity in customized ways to address other key agendas and needs.  Working from a systems model of the church in mission and ministry the Center has developed a wide range of resources.  Examples: Interim Journey, Cultivating Really Great Teams, Ministry Planning and Review, Cultivating a Stewarding Community, Leadership Skills, Structural redesign, changes,  and supports that support churches in becoming more faithful and fruitful. 

We also have occasional stand alone training seminars on Interim Ministry, Stewardship, Ministry Planning and Review, Structural redesign, Leadership Skills for the missional church, and the Communal Bible Study and Missional Renewal. 

Where are these training seminars and how much do they cost? 

Foundational Training is usually a face to face seminar that is schedule to accommodate the logistics of interested participants.

We offer most of our training  both remotely and in person. Costs vary depending on the training chosen, and the opportunity to bundle training for a discounted access.   Depending on how many participants and location/logistics, costs can range from $200 – $800.  

What does a coaching license get me?

A coaching license provides access to a library of Center resources, a 50% discount on Center resources, connection to a network of other Center coaches, and quarterly webinars on how to make your coaching practice thrive.  We will also work with you to develop a marketing strategy, including using our own website and platform to promote Center trained coaches. A license costs $200 and is renewable annually.