Why Bible study, and especially why now?

All churches are in transition, and we didn’t choose it. All are seeking a way to navigate through the wilderness brought on by the Pandemic. Look to engage in Bible Study, especially now.

The purpose of studying the Bible together is to grow in understanding and experience of Christian Community – God’s called people – through the practice of Bible study.
A number of years ago I met with a pastor and two leaders who were convinced that their church needed to engage in a time of renewal discerning God’s call for them. But they were afraid to tell or ask the congregation to consider this. I suggested just introducing them to a very participative Bible study process that had them meeting in smaller groups. The first week there were 12 who said yes; by week two after hearing stories and a few witnesses on Sunday morning, there were 25 participants. By the end of the 4th session there were 45+ engaged. “Pastor we have never done anything like this before! Could we do more of this as a church?” It was at that point the pastor invited them to consider a renewal process, Bible study together this is one of the activities included.

For many churches, Bible study can be a powerful community formation and learning experience. Thrust into a time of pandemic isolation, fear, and division, Christian communities are in a time in between times. Never has it been more important for Christian communities to stay grounded in the heart of their identity and call. We need one another, we are not alone, we are gathered by the Spirit.

You can find free and discounted Bible studies on our store. If you have any questions about how Bible study can be a transformation practice, be in touch.

by Ray Schulte

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