Wilderness Assumptions #3: You Need Disciples

To engage today’s wilderness context with the good news requires the formation of a disciple community – the faithful body of Jesus Christ – in both proclamation and practice.

Implications  for the church’s learning: What would be involved in forming ourselves as a community of disciples? How can we cultivate a climate of learning and mutuality within and beyond our church? How might we embrace a commitment to becoming people of the Way as our way of life?

Reflection questions: (to answer alone or in a small group)

  1. What is the crossroads where we find ourselves at this stage of our life and work as we look to the future of our lives together as the church?
  2. How valuable is a community you plan the future of our church to be?
  3. How much risk are you willing to take? Or How participative do you plan to be?
  4. To what extent are you invested in the well-being of the whole of your church?

Put it into practice:

  • Form small groups of 3-4, to begin to talk about what is possible, as the leaders and members look to the future.  Begin by sharing your responses to the reflection questions above.  Capture and summarize the input from your group.  Share in a larger setting the fruit of your small group reflections.
  • Share hopes and personal visions contributing to this litany “Can You Imagine?” as prayer with your church groups.
  • Reflect with leaders and members in small groups using these worksheets introducing you to Bible study focusing on what it can mean for your church to become a more faithful Sign, Foretaste and Instrument of the Reign of God.

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